Tenet: Movie Review

Time. A strange concept, and Tenet, a palindrome, spelled the same forward as it is backward, is a fantastic title for what is easily 2020’s best film so far. As quarantine hit the theater industry, and the film industry as a whole, was shaken to its core in ways never seen before. Productions stopped, release dates were postponed and cancelled, and projects were put on … Continue reading Tenet: Movie Review

A24 – Hollywood At It’s Finest

A24 is an American independent entertainment company and film production studio founded on August 20, 2012, by Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges and based in New York City. Not only have these men organized an incredible company, but in eight years, they’ve produced some of the greatest movies of all time. Not only have they made waves in the film industry with over … Continue reading A24 – Hollywood At It’s Finest

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Essay

My Favorite Cooperative Principle “Electricity is really just organized lightning,” a wise quote from the great George Carlin.  In today’s society it is important to have electricity installed. Technology is everywhere, and technology requires electricity. My favorite cooperative principle is concern for the community. The definition of concern for the community means that cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through policies accepted … Continue reading Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Essay

Best Stand-Up Specials On Netflix

Hannibal Buress – Comedy Camisado Hannibal Buress has been one of my favorite comedians for the last few years and his special Comedy Camisado is a fantastic hour of comedy recorded in Minneapolis. In this hour, Buress tackles topics such as the horrid cycle of traveling after losing your I.D. and what his career would look like if he became a blind comedian. Full of … Continue reading Best Stand-Up Specials On Netflix