12/12/19 Random Fact #55

Did you know that our phones hold 18 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? As disgusting as that sounds, it actually makes a lot of sense. Just think about the last time you cleaned your phone and then think about the last time your toilet at home was cleaned. Chances are, your toilet is cleansed more often. Now think about everything you’ve touched after … Continue reading 12/12/19 Random Fact #55

Extracurricular of the Week: Choir

With choir performing in their Christmas show on Thursday night at seven, this week’s extracurricular of the week is choir. Winfield High School has two choirs: the second hour auditioned choir known as “Concert Chorale”, and the third hour non-auditioned choir known as “Winfield Warrior Singers”. Both choirs are an awesome opportunity for anyone and even if you don’t like to sing, trying it out … Continue reading Extracurricular of the Week: Choir

College of the Week: Missouri State University

Overview: Missouri State University is a public institution in Springfield. This college is good for students who want to teach or marketing. Missouri State wants students to make their own statements when it comes to college. General Info: 901 S. National Avenue, Springfield, MO 65897 Phone #: (417)-836-5000 Website: http://www.missouristate.edu Cost & Aid: Tuition and Fees (In-state): $7,750 Tuition and Fees (Out-of-state): $15,910 Room and … Continue reading College of the Week: Missouri State University

12/10/19 Random Fact #53

Did you know that blue raspberry flavoring comes from Whitebark raspberries? No, these raspberries aren’t the vibrant blue they show on candy packages, as there is no such thing as a blue raspberry. The flavoring also doesn’t come from those bright red raspberries you’d find at the grocery store. The flavoring comes from Whitebark raspberries, an almost black colored berry with hints of red and … Continue reading 12/10/19 Random Fact #53

Motorist safety

Have you ever been driving on the highway and you are getting ready to exit? Then someone come flying up on your car as you are slowing down and nearly causes an accident. People now don’t realize that when they drive like that they are taking an unnecessary risk. There are about 1.25 million deaths a year in motor vehicle accidents(www.asrt.org), and when you drive … Continue reading Motorist safety

Marriage Story: Review

Noah Baumbach is one of the most competent filmmakers living today. He is grossly underrated and nearly every one of his 13 films have all been incredible. Mariage Story is no exception. It’s brilliant, it’s emotional, it’s grounded and my God it’s well acted. Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, Ray Liotta, and Laura Dern are all excellent in this film. Driver and Johanson especially, in my … Continue reading Marriage Story: Review