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A New Look 4/4/19

Have you noticed anything different in the gym lately? Over spring break, we received new scoreboards proudly on display for everyone to see. Today we got the chance to talk to Mr. James about our new scoreboards, our sponsorships, and the BOOM Classic. “Why did we get new scoreboards?” -“I think the main reason we got new scoreboards was because of the scoreboards down at … Continue reading A New Look 4/4/19

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Spring Sickness

Spring is here. The sun is shining and the wind is blowing. Smell the fresh air and flowers. So, grab your tissues cause the pollen is coming. Pollen is the biggest trigger for spring allergies. Here is how you know what’s affecting you. If you’re feeling under the weather try some home remedies and advice. 1) Use essential oils to open up the air ways, … Continue reading Spring Sickness

National FFA Week will be held February 16th-23rd

National FFA Week Will Be Held February 16th-23rd What is the Winfield FFA Chapter doing to celebrate? 1.  Look in the newspaper during that week to see highlights of our members and recognition of our chapter’s gold level sponsors. 2.  The entire school is invited to celebrate by participating in dress up days! Texas Tuesday (wear your western wear) Wake Up Wednesday (wear your pajamas) … Continue reading National FFA Week will be held February 16th-23rd

Announcements 1/22/19

Upcoming Events Senior Nights Basketball & Dance February 4th WHS Theater Club Presents “CLUE” February 1st & 2nd: on the Intermediate stage  Show time: 7 pm Courtwarming Games February 8th Coronation February 8th Sweetheart Dance February 9th Tickets to dance $10 each. Go on sale February 4th-8th during all lunch shifts PROM April 27th @ OM KC Hall Math Tutoring Every Tuesday & Thursday- 2:30 … Continue reading Announcements 1/22/19

Teacher of the Week (Mrs. Nafziger)

what inspired you to be a teacher? She knew that she wanted to be a music teacher since elementary school. She had always loved music and performance. Her high school choir teacher, Mrs. Jurkowitz, was a huge influence on her life. She inspired what she did in her class in many ways. What is your most memorable thing about being a teacher? Having the same … Continue reading Teacher of the Week (Mrs. Nafziger)

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Happiness is in the air!

The holidays are for happiness and love. Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa these are the most important times to be with family! Many people love being with family and friends; seems like the best place to be. Or if you don’t celebrate, grab a cup of hot chocolate and curl up to a holiday movie. :)Classic holiday movies to watch :)Elf :)The muppet Christmas carol :)Home … Continue reading Happiness is in the air!

Veteran’s Day Essay Winner

Recently, Winfield High School had an essay contest to find out what veterans mean to us.  There were a great many fine essays but one stood out above all others. Lisandra Eller was our winner! Below, published with her permission is the essay. American Veterans provide an unparalleled service to our country. They are some of the most diligent, courageous men and women you’ll ever … Continue reading Veteran’s Day Essay Winner

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Dedicated Athletes!

Winfield High School softball team! Winfield high school has two teams for softball. Varsity and Junior varsity, although they are different teams that are both absolutely fabulous. Now, the end of the season they’ve had some great ups and downs. “Varsity is extremely close.” Sophomore Tatum Bradshaw says Sophomore Rylee Bosley believes “you should never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing … Continue reading Dedicated Athletes!

Things To Do This Summer 5/22/19

If you have a free day this summer, trying to mark stuff off your bucket list, or are trying to make plans with your friends. here are some free or pretty inexpensive to do around here. •the STL zoo •Six Flags •musical at the Muny •drive-in •picnic in Forest Park •canoeing & kayaking •sleep under the stars •camping •City Museum •bowling •the beach •fishing •hiking … Continue reading Things To Do This Summer 5/22/19