Do you have what it takes?

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Everyone, has a talent that makes them unique. Winfield High School has many things to offer their students. Like sports, clubs, dances and art. The Winfield High School has a great art program. Mrs.Doss, the art teacher, has been teaching at Winfield High School for twenty-four years. Her expertise rubs of on all of her students. Not only does Winfield high have an art program, but an art club as well. Last school years art club did spectacular things. Although, this year many people are creating beautiful pieces of art work in class one person has caught Mrs.Doss’s attention. Many great things have been said about the Senior Lacey How and her art work. “Natural born talent. She never ceases to amaze me. I have faith she will do great things.” –Mrs.Doss

Artwork by artist Lacey How.

Lacey How is an exceptionally bright student and her artwork is even brighter. Many of her teachers and peers admire Lacey’s artwork. Lacey’s art will be admired by many on September 14th, 15th, and 16th at the Mosaics fine arts festival. This program recognizes many talented artist like Lacey How for their talent, creativity, and imagination.

Artist Lacey How.

Although, Winfield school district has been in secession for five weeks Mrs.Doss’s class has made some spectacular artwork some are displayed outside of Mrs.Doss’s classroom.

This weeks bulletin board is Spherical Form. Next week look out of the students interpretation of a Cylindric or rectangular solid Form.

Artwork by Shea Whittaker

Artwork by Hayden Burkemper

Artwork by Hailey Barth.

Artwork by Noah Thomas.

Artwork by Emily Taylor.

Artwork by Emma Niederer.

Artwork by Bellemy Hoelting.

Artwork by Melanie Ringe.

These artist are truly talented and they must be recognized for their accomplishments.

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