Teacher of the Week (Mr. Brown)

what inspired you to be a teacher?

He was inspired by other teachers along the way that cared for him, his well being and his success, and he wanted to pass that along to other individuals.

When you were in school was science your favorite subject?

Science wasn’t his favorite subject when he was in school. He was a really big athlete so he always really enjoined the social interaction and activity from most physical education classes, but he did love the concepts that were being taught in science and he gravitated towards the subject through out the rest of his education.

When you were in school, who was your favorite teacher?

One of his favorite teachers was one of his old football coaches, but he actually had him for an art class. His name was Joe Bacon, he still somebody that he has a good relationship with that he has talked to as a meteor. Another fun teacher of his that he liked was Jamie Smith she taught like a World History class, but it wasn’t any of his science teachers ironically enough.

Do you have a family?

He has been married for almost 3 years to his wife Hanna, they have a daughter that is almost 2 and her name is Eleanor.

What is your favorite movie? And why is that?

His favorite movie is Stand By Me, because it is a tale of 4 friends that seem more than just that. they’re all really, all that they have even though some of them come from what seem like functional homes, but the most functional is their relationship with each other and just the adventure that they go on. It’s one of those tales that are very impact full and slightly envious because he feels like they had a health relationship between them.

Are you liking Winfield so far?

He loves it. He loves the staff, students and support.

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