Are you struggling in School?

Are you new to high school? Or have you been here a while, but can’t get the hang of it?

Many people struggle in high school with classes, teachers, peers and grades. I’m here to give you tips on how to thrive in school.


How to impress your peers and make friends.

1: Make friends the first month of school, as the school year proceeds almost everyone has a friend. And you don’t want to step on peoples toes.

2: Introduce your self with confidence. Introductions are key to making friends.

3: Talk about your hobbies/summer activities. You may find them boring, but many people enjoy getting to know you and your interests.

4: Smile. You may find that when you smile at people you don’t know you actually leave a mark, so every time they see you they know you’re an approachable person.

5: Find something you have in common. The world is smaller than you think. Everyone has something similar to connect to.

6: Always be respectful. Many people get in to arguments over the school year, but to keep your friends is to talk through it.


Many people struggle in their classes, but just remind yourself anything is doable.

1: Make flash cards. Before a big test or for vocabulary you must know. And it will make you a better student for knowing the words.

2: Read the book. If you’ve been assigned the book take the opportunity to better yourself.

3: Use the study guide. If you have a test coming up definitely do the study guide teachers give them to you for a reason.

4: Gum. Chewing gum is a great way of keeping focus. So while taking notes pop in a piece of gum. Just be quite and respectful about it.

5: Ask questions! No matter how silly you think it is ask your teachers questions that’s how you learn.

6: Don’t procrastinate. If you put an effect you will pass the class.

7: Avoid all nighters. Even if you have to study don’t try to force yourself to stay up and study.

8: Attendance. You don’t want to fall behind in class. And have a million things to learn.

9: Be organized. The best way to stay focused is to have a clear mind.

10: Write you notes. Studies show if you write something out you’ll remember it better than to type.


Every teacher is completely different. So, it’s a bit of trial and error.

1: Always be respectful. Even if you’re having a bad day remember they’re just trying to help.

2: Come prepared. This shows your teacher you are willing to learn.

3: If there is a problem express your feelings. The teacher is there to help you succeed.

4: Be kind. Not only to teachers, but all staff. They are just doing their job.

5: Ask about rules. You don’t want to get into trouble for something you didn’t know about. Ask if they allow food or drinks in the classroom.


Grades are a serious thing. So, definitely keep them up.

1: Check Tyler Sis. Check in advanced before Progress report.

2: Talk to your teacher. If you’re unhappy with your grade find out how to improve it.

3: GPA. Your grade point average can determine many things. For example, volunteers applications, scholarships, clubs etc.

4: Extra credit. Always take the opportunity to do extra credit. So, if you have a poor grade on an assignment it won’t effect it as much.

5: Take learning experience to the world. A certain subject may not have clicked, so learn more in-depth so you can be more aware of the true subject.

School can be a very good place when you have the stepping stones to achieve it. Hard work pays off. These tips can be used in everyday life.

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