-Opinion- The Old South- From Fried Alligator to Haunted Mansions

The South- Rolling hills dotted with small towns, boiled peanut stands along the road, and the occasional judgemental person you’ll meet at Walmart. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? No? Maybe that’s because you haven’t been told of all the other magical things The South has to offer, from the colorful Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans to the quaint Germanesque town of Helen, Georgia. And there’s not just veiws to be seen either! There’s unique food, rich history to immerse yourself in, and fantastic music to listen to while you’re in town.

There’s lots of different kinds of food to eat, like roadkill! Joking aside, there are actually plenty of interesting things to sample down south. From the flaky biscuits with creamy gravy to fried alligator meat, you’re sure to find something that’ll suit your tastes.

Maybe you’re more of a music lover than a foodie, and that’s just fine! Come visit New Orleans during late April and early May to celebrate the Jazz and Heritage Festival along with over 300,000 other just as hyped about music as you are. Not a fan of Jazz? Then swing on over to Lexington, Kentucky to join in on the annual Festival of the Bluegrass that happens on the first weekend of June. And there isn’t just Jazz and Bluegrass, there’s Soul, Country, Southern Rock, and nearly everything in between, so what are you waiting for? Treat your ears to all the wonderful melodies of The Old South!

History. A subject some people are absolutely crazy about, and others think is in likeness to the Black Death. No matter where you are in the spectrum, you’re sure to enjoy a trip to some of the historical locations in The South. If you aren’t into all the battles and historical figures associated with The South, that doesn’t mean you should turn around and head back home. If you’re into tragic backstories that lead to ghosts, hauntings, and queasy feelings, you’re in luck! The South has plenty of hotels, old plantations, and ghost towns to offer. One such place lies near the border between Georgia and South Carolina in Augusta, Georgia. The legend goes that on a beautiful autumn day in the mid 1800’s, there was a woman, Emily, who was preparing for her wedding that day. Just moments after she placed the veil over her face, a knock was heard at the door. Her fiancé had been shot dead, as he was mistaken for a soldier wanted for treason. Emily was heartbroken and refused to take off her wedding dress for weeks on end. She died alone, never loving again. It’s rumored you can still see her ghostly form wandering the halls of The Partridge Inn awaiting her groom who never came.

So if you haven’t visited the magical (and possibly haunted) hills, forest, and cities that the south has to offer, you’re missing out. Be adventurous! Go discover all the famous cities, the little known roadside towns, the historic mansions, and create what very well may be one of the best experiences of your life.

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