Guys Fashion 9-20-18

It is going to start getting colder outside soon, and you may be looking for some pants! Jeans are very fashionable whether you want to go with a distressed look or a regular look! American Eagle often runs really good deals on jeans and they are really good quality. American Eagle just ended a sale, it was a buy one get one 50% off! Right now they have a 15% off select jeans. Hollister is also running a deal on jeans, it is also buy one get one 50% off. Me personally, I would go with the distressed look because it has it’s own unique look that not everyone has!


Hoodies/Jackets are also a need as the weather is gonna start getting cooler outside. You can get something like a windbreaker which is very fashion or you can go with a casual hoodie or nice jacket. If your not looking to spend a ton on a hoodie you can go to Marshall’s, they have name brand hoodies, like Under Armour and Nike! If you are looking for a windbreaker they are on the more expensive side of things.Size-6XL-5XL-7XL-2018-Spring-Autumn-Young-Men-Windbreaker-Hooded-Jacket-Slim-Thin-Clothing-Top.jpg_640x640

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