Benefit the Community, not yourself.

Why volunteer if you know you won’t actually do it?

Everyone hates that certain individual that says “Yeah, I’ll get it done.” but never actually does it. Doesn’t matter if you’re in your community, school, or workplace. If you have obligations to something, take the time to actually do it. Don’t just do something to seem cool or you think will make you popular with a certain crowd. Do something out of the kindness of your heart or because it benefits other people.

To be a leader, it takes time, money and most importantly effort. Many, students have part time or full time job and work very hard in school as well as attend school sports/clubs. You have the opportunity to change our school for the better, so why not take the time to do it. Being in high school you are looked up to as a leader from the younger schools, so you must teacher them the right ways to do things.

If you have an important responsibility or role in Winfield High School you must actually follow through. You can’t just except the glory and not the responsibility. So, Why don’t we all help each other and understand that when going into adult-hood we have responsibility that we must actually do. Thanks:)

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