People Behind the Scenes: Officer George

DSC_7479.JPGWhere did  you go to college?

I went through a six month academy to get trained there and then I had three months training on the job and then I went for a week of resource officer training, and then every month I have different types of training for different aspects of the job.

What do you do for the school?

I’m in the commons in the mornings to oversee things and I like to check the doors. I also like to provide opportunity to students to come talk to me if they need anything, I like to be an extra resource for them but also from a law aspect if something occurs that’s criminal nature that I can take care of so that they don’t have to call someone off the street that they don’t know. I try to get around and get to know you guys so that you’re  comfortable talking with me. With the younger kids most of what I do is play in their PE class and other lighthearted stuff.

Which school do you like working at the most?

They’re all so different, I don’t know if I really like one more than the other, I like certain aspects of every school.




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