Freshman tips: Homecoming Edition

Are you ready to show your spirit?Homecoming is right around the corner.

The hallway, float and people participating in spirit week can make or break your chance as winning.

The more people that precipitate the better you score during Homecoming. The weeks leading to Homecoming can be very stressful for people planning homecoming so help out as much as you can. It’s supposed to be one of the greatest memories in High School. So, have fun.

Remember to approve everything, class shirts, hallway, dance, float, etc.

Spirit Week:

  1. Sweater Weather- Includes sweaters, flannels, plaid.
  2. Vine/meme day- must be appropriate
  3. Football Frenzy- includes dressing as football players, cheerleaders, fans and refs.
  4. Harvest day- dress as farmers, cowboys/cowgirls, or farming shirts.




Seniors- red

Remember to buy your homecoming tickets in advanced: it’s cheaper than buying at the door on Saturday.

During the dance remember to have fun.

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