What is your favorite genre of music? Is it Country, Rap, or Rock and Roll? I consider rap to be my favorite genre of music. This is my favorite genre because you can listen to it at all times of the day. You can listen to the more slow and meaningful rap in the morning. In the afternoon you could listen to the faster pace rap, it often puts me in a good mood. You can also listen to heavy rap before a game to get you hype.

There are so many rappers that are good in my mind. If you are trying to get hype before a game 6ix9ine gets me going, he is a very crazy and upbeat rapper. The rappers who are more slow and have meaning behind what they are rapping are also good. My favorite of those consist of Bryson Tiller, Post Malone, Chris Brown, and Usher. I normally listen to these guys in the morning to wake me up and the it’s all hype from then on. Then there are guys I could listen to all day like Drake, Lil Skies, Lil Uzi, Quavo, and many more. Then there are some rappers that their older stuff in my mind is better than their new stuff, this group consists of Future, 21 savage, and Young Thug.  You also have some newer rappers that are trying to make a name for themselves and doing a pretty good job at it such as YBN Nahmir, Lil Baby, and Smokepurpp.

Some people can’t stand rap, some can only listen to it at certain times of the day, but me that’s all I listen to on my own time. Music can bring joy to your day and give you a vibe most things can’t. Music should be a big part of everyone’s life in one way or another, whether you listen to Rock and Roll, Rap, R&B, Country, or any of the other many genres. They all have the same effect in making someone’s day or bringing you joy!

Know that all these songs I have said are the artist “latest release”, that is their latest release according to APPLE MUSIC. If you want to see any newer releases than the ones I have listed I would go to YOU TUBE. As well as the latest release when I say the “top song” it is also the top song listed from APPLE MUSIC.

Lil Skies- “No Rest” is Lil Skies latest release, and that song is really good. His top release, and i’m sure most of you know is “Red Roses”. Red Roses made Lil Skies erupt as a rapper.

YBN Nahmir- YBN’s latest release is actually an album he named “The Mixtape” My favorite songs from this album were “Think Twice” featuring Lil Skies and “Up Top Baby”

Quavo- Quavo’s latest release is also an album, it was actually released this past Friday. “Quavo Huncho” as he calls it has some really good songs. Those songs in my mind are “Flip The Switch” featuring Drake, “Biggest Alley Oop”, and “How Bout That?”

Smokepurpp- Smokepurpp is a rising rapper with his latest release being “Nephew” featuring Lil Pump. One of his other top songs being “Audi” is showing promise to him being a good rapper.

Bryson Tiller- Bryson Tiller’s latest release is called “Canceled”. His top song is non other than “Exchange”, now let me tell you that when this song was popular, everyone and their mother listened to this song. If haven’t heard your missing out.

Lil Uzi- Uzi features in his latest release, the song is called “420 in London”. I advise you not to listen to this song because I believe it is trash. His release before that, which is also in his top 2 top song chart, I think is amazing. “New Patek” is this song and I advise you listen to this one as in my mind it is much better.

Post Malone- Post Malone’s latest release is his Album “Beerbongs & Bentleys”. My favorites from this album include “Paranoid”, “Spoil My Night”, and “Blame it on me” His top song is “Congratulations” featuring Quavo.

Lil Wayne- Lil Wayne’s top song is “Mona Lisa” featuring Kendrick Lamar, this song is also in his latest album, which is also his latest release. His new album is called “Tha Carter V” and this album is very good. Some more songs from this album that I like include “Can’t be broken” and “Famous” featuring Reginae Carter.

Logic- Logic is one of those rappers where I like their older songs more than their newer songs. His latest release is an album he calls “YSIV” To be honest I did not like this album, but just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to it. Some songs i do like from him though are “44 More” and “Everyday”

Future- Future is just one of those rappers that I think have fallen off people’s radars lately. His latest release is a single, called “Fine China” and it’s by Future himself and Juice WRLD. With this song i’m not actually sure if I like it or not, so give it a listen. Some of his best old stuff in my mind is in the album “What a Time To Be Alive” the album is with Drake and I believe it has some of his best songs he has ever produced.

Drake- Drake features in his latest release with Bad Bunny called “MIA”. Let me get right to the point I don’t like this song. Drake’s top song is “Never Recover”, he sang this with Lil Baby and Gunna, let me tell you this song is great. This song was on Lil Baby’s new album called “Drip Harder”. Drake also came out with a pretty good album called “Scorpion” earlier this year.

Juice WRLD- Juice WRLD’s latest release is featuring Lil Uzi and it’s called “Wasted”, and this song is pretty good. Juice WRLD’s first four songs on his top songs list is from his album “Goodbye & Good Riddance”, I advise you listen to this album.



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