Have you ever looked at a shirt you got at some time in your life and it brought back so many happy memories? I know that same feeling! It could be a shirt from a sports team you played on when you were younger, a concert you went to, or even just a simple school t-shirt. So many amazing memories can be held in a simple bit of cloth..

a few days ago I was told “it’s just a T-shirt don’t stress over it!”. Well in my opinion it’s not just a T-shirt.. it’s a memory. It’s something you should cherish and hold onto. My older sister graduated in 2012 and still to this day has almost every T-shirt she got in high school! Clubs, sports, powder puff, class shirts, you name it and she’s got it! She saves these shirts because they take her back to a happy and special time in her life that she can’t get back so she uses the shirts for a good smile.

Each year you get a class shirt. A shirt your class designs and it’s special to you and one day will take you back to those times. This year is my senior year and quite frankly the shirts didn’t turn out the way I was hoping and I was devastated.. myself as well as many others wanted a shirt that we could hold onto for as long as possible to remember the good times from our senior year. This sadly was our last class shirt.. thankfully the amazing Layla Lafata was able to design by hand the most beautiful design I could thank of and the whole class can not thank her enough.

So yes it may a simple clothing item.. But, to many people it is more than that. It is a memory that can be held just within some cotton! So please ask yourself again.. why stress over something as simple as a T-shirt?

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