Hard work to be noticed

Do you feel the activities you’re involved in are most important in the school? Or maybe you feel your activity is under appreciated?

I talked to a fellow student of mine. She is on choir, has been all 4 years of high school. She is also involved in Chamber Choir. You might be asking what Chamber Choir is, or you might even be saying “I didn’t know we had a Chamber Choir.” Honestly, I myself knew we had a chamber choir but I never realized how much they actually did. They go to various events. People travel just to see OUR chamber choir!

I feel it’s easy for hard work to go unnoticed. I’m not saying other students that get noticed are not working hard, I just think we should try harder to give recognition when it’s due. For example, you might think it’s just choir, all they do is get together and sing? However, they give up time with friends and family to stay at school and practice everyday! Committed people deserve to be appreciated!

Let’s all try and support each other more! We should all wish each other luck when going to a contest or game. Also, if you feel something was missed in the announcements, speak up! Our administration would love to recognize us for our hard work!

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