A year ago, today, my friend commited suicide because of bullying. He would be a senior this year. He went to a different school and yes, I didn’t see him a lot but we always talked, and he never talked about this kind of stuff. I could have done something if he told me but, that’s not the point. He shouldn’t have to tell me because it shouldn’t be happening in the first place. I know a lot of people that have been through bullying. They are nice kids, just the kids around them do not care if they are nice or not. All they want is to judge them on how they look or what they are wearing.

To anyone who thinks that bullying someone is okay you are a sick individual. To call someone who is truly beautiful on the inside and out “fat” and “ugly” to make them feel beneath themselves for your own sick pleasure is indeed pure evil. No one is perfect, but yet we all spend time trying to be when instead we should be looking on the inside of someone rather than judging them by their appearances. I just don’t see how bullying someone is “fun” or “cool”…

Bullying is termed as a form of abuse that uses power and dominance to those that are weaker and less powerful. Bullying has been taking place in various areas but it is mostly common in schools and workplaces. It exists in various social groups, social classes and is found all over the world. The behavior is usually repetitive and aggressive and it is based on the sole intention of hurting the victim. Bullies carry out the behavior to harm the other person as a way of gaining power over the other person. It is normally a behavior that is planned and purposeful.

If you see someone getting bullied or picked on, tell someone. You can also stick up for them. Just do something, that is better than doing nothing at all. Be nice to each other. Yes we are at school, but high school is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. I want everyone to have that experience.

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