Scout and Oscar are two very spoiled little dachshunds, affectionately referred to as The Weens.

Scout is 12 years old. She was given to Mrs. Nafziger by a former student as a gift when she was a newborn puppy. She is now a crabby old lady that likes to tell everyone to get off her lawn, but is sweet and affectionate around her Mommy and Daddy. She loves to play with her tennis ball and sleep under all the blankets in the house, so watch where you sit! She also is a super sleuth who loves to find treasure with her powerful nose.
Oscar is 10 years old. He was saved from a puppy mill by a former Winfield student, but he came to live with the Nafzigers when his family moved away. He is sweet and playful and likes to bark at everything in the world… thunder, car doors, trash cans, buzzers on TV… you name it. His favorite snacks are vegetables and Twizzlers. He likes to sit up like a person on the couch and watch TV. He also seems to have been a House Elf in a former life.
Both of The Weens are quite loved by their Mommy and Daddy and bring a lot of joy to the Nafziger house.

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