Why I dislike dogs

Brendan Wilson

Dogs can be cute and lovable creatures.  Dogs also shed hair, lick, and they just don’t listen and are so annoying. These are the reasons I dislike dogs, and why I hope to never own one.

Dogs shed hair, and there is almost nothing you can do about. This means to keep a clean house you must always be sweeping or vacuuming, pretty much daily. On top of keeping the house clean, what about all the hair that gets on your clothes? To keep clean of hair you always have to keep a lint roller on you. No one wants to carry a lint roller with them everywhere they go. If you get rid of your dog, you get rid of all the hair, it’s just that simple.

Do you like to be licked? I know I don’t, it makes me feel disgusting. When a dog licks me I instantly feel the need to shower. The rough and slimy gross tongue makes me feel disgusting. They show their love to us by licking us, known as “kissing’, and it makes me want to puke. If you have no dog, then you won’t get licked, it’s just that simple.

Most dogs are really annoying and they also have trouble listening. Unless you train your dog, it never listens, and training a dogs takes a while. Going along with never listening, they are annoying because they don’t listen and lay down. Dogs always want to play and they always get dirty. That’s such a hassle to clean up, and most of the time they stick. If you don’t have a dog, you won’t have to learn how to train it and it won’t be annoying, it’s just that simple.

I’d say I dislike 95% of all dogs. Unless you can find me a dog that doesn’t shed very much hair, doesn’t lick, and doesn’t annoy me, I won’t take it. Good luck on a search, if you go on one, I don’t think you will have much luck. I don’t prefer cats over dogs either if you were wondering, cats are just as awful.

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