Brenden Wilson recently wrote an opinion piece on why he hates dogs. In my opinion.. his opinion is trash. He says dogs shed to much, lick, don’t listen, and are annoying. Wilson even says he hopes to never own one!

While dogs usually do shed.. some breeds don’t! For example, I own 2 toy poodles and neither of them shed! So if shedding is a problem just get a non shedding dog. In today’s modern technology we invented this thing called the lint roller. If you want a dog like my German Shepherd or my chihuahua that do shed, just pick up a lint roller at your local Walmart, dollar general, or even dollar tree.

Dogs lick because they want to show their love to their owners. Dogs don’t have kissing abilities like we do as humans so they do this to express “hey I love you”. Wilson claims that you need to take a shower after being licked and it makes him feel “distrusting”. In my experience I’ve used a napkin, tissue, baby wipe, or even my sleeve to wipe off the lick and a dogs lick always makes me feel so warm inside not disgusting. Also, have you ever been around a baby or a child 3 and under? Wilson might not want to have those because they will also spit, slobber, lick and even poop on you.

Wilson says that dogs almost never listen. Yes, puppies, just like children, will need to be taught how to listen. You will need to spend time with your dog and build that connection in order for them to listen to you. Going along with building the connection, you need to build that in order for them to trust you which will encourage them to listen. Or you could just train your dog if it’s that big of a deal.

In my opinion, dogs are beyond amazing. I think Wilson is just scared of love and responsibility that comes with dogs. Dogs are so loyal and loving and you are missing out without dogs in your life. So after assessing the situation, I have learned that Wilson probably should also not have a baby because they will not listen well, they will pee and poop everywhere, and they will lick and try to eat you. Get a dog. Love a dog. Thank you.

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