Teacher of the Week (Mrs. Nafziger)

what inspired you to be a teacher?

She knew that she wanted to be a music teacher since elementary school. She had always loved music and performance. Her high school choir teacher, Mrs. Jurkowitz, was a huge influence on her life. She inspired what she did in her class in many ways.

What is your most memorable thing about being a teacher?

Having the same students every year for six years helps her build relationships with students in a way that many other don’t have the chance to. Her students become of her family. they travel together, laugh together and help each other through some pretty tough stuff. She has had the privilege of attending weddings and baby showers from fostering a lifelong friendship with some students. Once you are a choir kid, you are her Ohana. No one gets left behind or forgotten.

How long have you been teaching?

19 years, but 18 of those have been at Winfield.

What was your most memorable thing about high school/college?

The most memorable part of high school was being part of the Chamber Choir and traveling to many parts of the US and Canada to preform. Her most memorable thing from college was meeting her husband and building an awesome friendship with him through volunteering at the same community group together. He did story time and she taught music in the children’s church program.



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