Teacher of the Week (Mr. Conner)

What made you want to be an Assistant Principal?

When he first started teaching, there was no way he was going to be a principal but, the longer he taught he thought he could actually help a school out on a larger scale the he could just in one classroom.

What was your most memorable thing from high school?

Going to state for golf.

What was your most memorable thing from college?

It was his student teaching experience where he actually first got in the classroom and, he really knew that he was in the right profession or, when he took an advanced anatomy class and got to work on dead bodies.

Why can’t you drink water?

They think it is due to a traumatic experience with water when he was at a young age. It’s not that he is allergic to water a psychologist said that it’s impossible to not be able to drink water because it doesn’t have a strong enough taste and the only thing they could think of is the traumatic experience. So when he was 3 he had swim lessons the only thing that he could relate it to is that they threw him in the water and basically used him as an example of a doggy-paddle and he kept going under the water, trying to reach for the swimming instructors and he could never get a hold of them. Eventually he did get to the side but he thinks that panic and everything sent something into his mind.

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