Acting is in my blood!

On February first and second, hundreds of tickets were purchased so that we could be sucked in to the world of clue!

Many wonderful actors and actresses of Winfield High school teamed up together to organize and preform a wonderful play, not only was it wonderful, but it was mind blowing with the incredible plot twist at the end.

One of the wonderful actors, Jonathan Pierce played the amazing Wadsworth, a cheeky butler that arranged for all of the guest to arrive. Although, at the end of the play you discover that everyone has murdered someone, and Mr. Wadsworth reveals that he is the actual Mr.Boddy the manipulative blackmailer.

I spoke to Jon about drama, college and clue!

“What are you planning on doing after high school?”

“I plan on studying theatre and majoring in performing arts. Eventually, I’d like to go to New York.”

Not only is he a wonderful student, but an amazing actor and he’s not letting his dream die.

“What got you in to performing arts?”

It was definitely started when I was a lot younger. It was probably when I played Santa in the second grade.”

“For someone who wants to act, what would be some tips you’d give them?”

” Definitely be confident, don’t let anyone keep you from what you want. Just be your own character.”

“What has been your favorite play to be in?”

“Oh, it had to be when I played the king in William Shakespeare’s, the tempest.”

“Who is your favorite character in Clue?”

Probably…Wadsworth. Just because of the way Tim Curry portrays the character and brings him to life in a spectacular way! And if not Wadsworth it would definitely have to be Mrs. White.”

How do you get prepared for a show?”

“I have to distract myself with something to do. If not I psych myself out.”

What hobbies do you have outside of school and theatre?”

“I dapple in a bit of poetry and a lot of gaming, especially play station 4, battle front 2!”

It’s astonishing how at such a young age you can discover an amazing passion. So many people are proud of Jon including his peers and teachers.

This amazing play was directed by Winfield High Schools fabulous English and drama teacher, Ms. Hasenmueller. This is what she had to say about the play.

“Clue was a hit. Everyone worked very hard and did an amazing job!”

This wonderful play was definitely a hit.

Follow up next week with a Q&A from more of our amazing Actresses and Actors, like Paige Adams, Bishop Craig, Rachel Cannon, Grant Nickels, Meagan Eggemeyer, Lane Moody and any of the wonderful other people that contributed to this spectacular play!

Instagram shoutout: w.e.sinclair

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