Is Netflix too over priced?

Netflix is everyone’s go to, although since January of 2019 Netflix came out telling people that the price will be $13 instead of $11.

The price is still cheaper than Hulu, but Hulu varies from $7.99-39.99. Although, Netflix doesn’t update their movies and tv shows very often. Although, Netflix is $13 it’s 10% cheaper than any Satellite bill costs and they have many things to offer.

Netflix offers many choices. They allow you to download movies and tv show to your phone. They also have many Netflix Originals that have been the talk of 2018 and now 2019. They offer hundreds of shows and movies. All of their seasons are up to date. A subscription for Netflix is definitely worth the money.

Also, Netflix has no commercials EVER! And Netflix works on many devices. Like, PS3, blu-Ray player, Wii, iPhones, androids, iPad, PC, MacBook, and even google TV. No matter the device you’ll always be able to watch your shows.

Netflix’s technology adapts to your taste. The technology learns what you like based on movies and shows you’ve watched. It targets specific things for you personally.

Although, Netflix is $13 a month it’s definitely worth the money. Thousands of people pay for Netflix because they’re more reasonable. Which is definitely true!

Hear are some recommendations:

Good news

Good girls

Stranger things

Umbrella academy

Black mirror

Haunting of hill house

Tidying up

A series of unfortunate events

Sex education


Russian doll

High flying bird

One day at a time.

Paw & order


Royal pains

Queer eye

Yummy mummies


Hart of Dixie

The good cop

And that’s just a few of the amazing tv shows and movies that they have on Netflix! Go check them out!

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