What’s Worse? The Guns or The People?

Mass shootings have become a hot topic to discuss in the last few years, as more and more of them keep happening. The United States has had 57 times more school shootings than any other major country in the world, according to CNN. And as the Gun Violence Archives reported, 307 mass shootings have happened in the US in 2018 alone. Thirty-one shootings have already happened this year, and that number is sure to rise if nothing is done about it. Many people want gun laws in place to help prevent these violent crimes from happening. Guns laws, although at first glance may seem helpful, may cause more violence than peace.

Remember those times as a young child, when your mother would tell you not to touch that antique vase in the glass cabinet? The more she told you not to, the more you wanted to, until you eventually did the exact thing she told you not to. You touched the vase, and it crashed to the ground in a million glittering pieces. Imagine this same situation, but instead of your mother, it’s the government, and the vase is the American firearms. If the government decides to restrict the use of guns more, or make them illegal all together, it’s sure to cause problems. People are more likely to do something if they’re told not to. Mark Twain once said “Adam was but human–this explains it all. He did not want the apple for the apple’s sake, he wanted it only because it was forbidden.” Now just replace the apple with guns, and get prepared for another disaster.

Guns are the problem though, aren’t they? The leniency on gun laws is what’s causing mass shootings, since if no one had a gun, we wouldn’t have this problem. The harder it is to get a gun, the less guns are owned and used. And less guns means a lower possibility of a shooting, and less people dying in them if one was to happen. According to an article by CBS News, “Researchers found strong firearm laws in a state was associated with lower rates of firearm homicide.” So the answer has to be to get rid of the common denominator: guns. It’s just that simple.

The issue isn’t just with guns, although at surface level it seems so. But it’s not so simple. The reasons mass shootings happen isn’t because guns exist, it’s because of the person holding the gun. We could get rid of all the guns, but what good would that do if it’s in fact the person, not the gun, wanting to harm others. If someone is intent on killing other people, they’ll find a way, and restricting just one weapon isn’t going to solve much. Twenty people who were attending church on January 27th were killed when two bombs went off. No guns were involved, which just goes to show that plenty of people can be killed with other dangerous weapons, in this case, a bomb.

As much as everyone wishes there was, there just isn’t one single thing that can stop shootings from happening. It’s a complicated issue that we have yet to find an effective way of stopping, although there’s one thing we can be sure of: getting rid of guns doesn’t get rid of bad people.

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