Teacher of the Week (Ms. Stay)

Ms. Stay (1)

What inspired you to be a teacher?

When she was younger, her mom told her to become a teacher. She never really saw myself as a teacher throughout high school. When she graduated high school, she started out as a Baking & Pastry Major through STLCC. That was short lived because of the waiting list for the program. She still took college courses and was really undecided. She thought to herself one day, what does she like to do. She likes to cook and sew. So, she stumbled upon Fontbonne University’s Family & Consumer Sciences Program where she can do the things she loves and teach the younger generation about life. Family & Consumer Sciences isn’t just cooking and sewing, it’s a wide variety of topics that help individuals become active members of society.

How long have you been teaching?

This is her third year as a full-time teacher. She did a semester as a long-term substitute teacher at Lindbergh right out of college. She spent the last two years in Hazelwood teaching FACS through computers at a middle school, and found the opportunity to teach to a smaller school district. She couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity to be at Winfield because she has real kitchens and the best students!

What was your most memorable thing about high school and college?

Her most memorable thing from high school is going to WGI World Championships in Dayton HEr senior year, and seeing some of the best winter guards from around the world. From college… she would have to say making casseroles for the St. Patrick’s Center downtown St. Louis and cookies for soldiers overseas.

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