20 Things to give up for Lent

What could you give up for 40 days and 40 nights? You should give up something for lent that you have to make a conscious effort to avoid.

  1. Single use plastics – Try to avoid plastics that cannot be reused!
  2. Soda- It’s not good for you so why not take a break!
  3. Looking in a mirror- Stop the worrying! You look great!
  4. Eating out- Saves a few bucks and a few pounds!
  5. Snacking – Are you eating because your hungry or because your bored?
  6. Plactic Straws – Save the planet! Invest in reusable straws!
  7. Junk food – Switch out the candy for some veggies!
  8. Cursing – Enhance your vocabulary!
  9. Complaining – Turn the negatives in to posotives!
  10. Hot showers – Cold water is good for your pores!
  11. Social media – Focus on the moment!
  12. The internet – A great way to get out of doing school work!
  13. Your nails done – Give those nail beds a break!
  14. Getting on a scale – Don’t look! You look awesome!
  15. Makeup – It’s good for your skin!
  16. Sarcasm – It’s more professional.
  17. Sugar – You can loss a few pounds of just sugar!
  18. Laziness – Try to be productive in everything you do!
  19. Gossip – Ditch the drama! It’s their life not yours!
  20. Subtweeting – Say it to their face or don’t say it at all.

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