Is Prom Worth it?

Prom night is supposed to be an American rite of passage, an evening not to be missed. But is it really worth all the fuss — the anxiety about who to go with, how to ask, what to wear and how much to spend?

Yes, if you really feel like prom will be one of the highlights of your high school life. Yes, if you have friends that are really close and are going with you. Yes, if you like dances and like dancing with your date/friends.

No, if you aren’t into that kind of stuff and you’d rather chill at home with movies, friends and popcorn, (which isn’t bad either, just depends on what your comfortable with) or something else along those lines.

Prom is something hyped up by television etc, and maybe 2 weeks after prom, no one will really care about it. If the first thought that comes to mind after remembering your high school is prom, then you must’ve had no fun during high school. Another, opinion is going to the after party, where there’s less fancy things (limos etc), and people generally say they have more fun there. Whatever floats your boat, really.

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