The Art of Procrastination 3/20/19

Have you completely lost your motivation to complete your work? Are you ready for the week to be over? If you’re like me, you’ve procrastinated every single assignment since the semester began. Well, the fantastic Mr. Burgoyne has assigned me to post an article for the week, so I present to you: Every Article I’ve Started and Procrastinated

•New Year’s Resolutions- I started this article with every intention of calling out New Year’s resolutions and how I believe they’re a waste of time, which they are.

The History of Valentine’s Day- I wrote this paper to tell the history behind the holiday that is all about strategy and marketing, which of course never surfaced. The history is interesting though, maybe research it if you find the time.

Why You Should Take a Foreign Language- This article was going to address the benefits of taking a foreign language, whether it be Spanish, French, German, etc. Not only does learning another language help you connect with those people, it also improves your memory, enhances your ability to multitask, and improves your first language. Also, being bilingual is fun and fresh.

St. Patrick’s Day and Traditions- With St. Patrick’s Day just passing I had planned to write about the cultural differences between how Americans celebrate this festive day and how Irish people do. Oh, and also how people like to pinch others if they’re not wearing green which is an invasion of personal space and the best way to make someone mad.

A Show of Hands- Going along with learning foreign languages, I started writing about why American Sign Language should be taught in schools. ASL enhances cognition, improves hand eye coordination, and there are also 36 million hard of hearing and deaf people in the U.S. and being able to communicate with them is important.

There you go, here is my excuse for an article. Maybe next time I’ll actually finish my paper.

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