A New Look 4/4/19

Have you noticed anything different in the gym lately? Over spring break, we received new scoreboards proudly on display for everyone to see.

Today we got the chance to talk to Mr. James about our new scoreboards, our sponsorships, and the BOOM Classic.

“Why did we get new scoreboards?”

-“I think the main reason we got new scoreboards was because of the scoreboards down at the middle school were really outdated and we were having hard times finding parts… Obviously we did want to make an upgrade in the high school gym so that spurred it on a little bit faster. We took the high school ones [scoreboards] down to the middle school… We also had a very generous donation by Providence Bank who bought the entire set.”

“When did we get a new sponsor? Are we not sponsored by Bank of Old Monroe anymore?”

-“Correct, not that we are sponsored by Bank of Old Monroe, but we’ve done all of our banking through Bank of Old Monroe ever since I’ve been here… Every two years the school district must put our business out for bid and any bank would have the opportunity to bid on our business… Providence got in there and gave us the best deal for the next two years. They did not have to purchase scoreboards, but they were willing to do so.”

“Is the BOOM Classic being renamed?”

-“Yes, we did not have the BOOM Classic this year because that was another sponsorship they did separately where they helped fund the tournament, and by funding we did cool like pizzas and t-shirts.”

“Are we going to be sponsored by Providence Bank next year?”

-“We didn’t reach out to them this year for the fact that we were talking about scoreboards. It may be something we would talk about to see if they were interested in doing. I miss the BOOM… It’d be great if we could get back whether it’s Providence Bank or Bank of Old Monroe.”

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