Spring Sickness

Spring is here. The sun is shining and the wind is blowing. Smell the fresh air and flowers. So, grab your tissues cause the pollen is coming. Pollen is the biggest trigger for spring allergies.

Here is how you know what’s affecting you.

If you’re feeling under the weather try some home remedies and advice.

1) Use essential oils to open up the air ways, like peppermint.

2) Honey is a natural sweetener, but it’s also used to help with a cough.

3) Pineapple helps break up mucus.

4) A hot shower can clean out nasal congestion.

5) Drink lots of water, keeping hydrated can reduce allergy symptoms.

6) Honey in warm tea can help with a sore throat.

7) Lavender oils can relieve headaches.

Whether it’s allergies, cold, or the flu. We all can relate to how horrible it is. Although, with the right advice hopefully you’ll get through it faster.

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