Balancing Act: Juggling Work and School

Here’s a peek into what my life looks like for four days a week. I get up at six thirty (not too early, I like my sleep!) to get ready and go to school, and once the school day is over, it’s off to work- I don’t get to go home anytime soon. I get off of work at eight and get home around nine (I spend some time eating my dinner). After I get home I do any homework I have, and get ready for bed at ten. Then I go to sleep and do it over again the next day. A little hectic, isn’t it? Maybe, but I have a few ways I help keep the balance.

1. Don’t tell your employer that you can close, or work really late. I have to make sure I have time to do any homework after work, so I told my managers that I could only work till eight. That way I have more than enough time, and if I don’t have any homework, I can just chill out for a few hours!

2. Don’t work every day- you’ll end up tired, and burnt out. If you do that, you probably won’t want to do your homework if you’re low on energy. It’s always nice to have a break between your days you work, so you really have time to catch up with anything else going on in your busy high school life.

3. Make a schedule, and stick to it! I’m not a super detailed and schedule-oriented type person, but I found it really helps if I plan out my days when I work. For example, if I know that something is due on a Thursday, then I’ll make sure I plan times in the evenings to work on it, bit by bit if I have to.

Obviously, the struggle between work and school is slightly different for everyone, although I think that these are still some suggestions that can apply to most people. Find a good balance, and try to have fun, it makes everything a lot more enjoyable!

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