End of the year awards

Should the teachers give out awards at the end of the year? I have been in school for 3 years and I have never gotten an award. I have always done my best to get good grades, but that doesn’t do anything. I’ve been a good student but they don’t care about that. they care about grades. I know I’m not in the top of my class but I never fail to try.

If you want to give an award to someone, give it to them on your own time. Having an assembly to give out awards to the same people can make the people that don’t get an award feel unappreciated. Especially to the people that try their hardest in the classes they feel they have to prove that they should get an award too.

In conclusion, the people that try their hardest and don’t get an award will lack confidence and either give up because they realized it doesn’t matter or, work harder just to prove in those classes that they made a mistake. Either way this student is not being true to themselves and rather living up to others expectations. I’m not saying everyone should get a “participation award” but the same people should not win 5 awards especially when the awards are expressing the same concept.

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