Are You Really That Smart?


Is holding a group of slightly higher testing students over their peers really what is needed in this schooling system? Do my Honors Biology and Advanced Chemistry really have such a vast impact on my learning career? In all honesty, the way that staff, students, and parents view honors classes, needs to be changed. Being in honors doesn’t matter at all. It can’t make you “smarter” than your peers or “closer to college”. It does absolutely nothing except for making your GPA go up by a few digits and can make you an egotistical, self absorbed student. Now, I’m not trying to kill off anyone’s learning high from their slightly more difficult assignments because this is all coming from a student who has had to witness both sides of the spectrum.

I started out my Sophomore year as a student with four different classes that were set as honors. By the end of the first day I had changed out of two of them. My first was Advanced English, which is my favorite subject. My other was Advanced Geometry. Both were traded for regular classes because of how it had made others act and how they made me feel. It made me feel as if I were  a gang, mean and unrefined. I felt as if I was walking the halls as an outcast. Someone who was to smart for regular classes and was considered a “nerd”. I then realized that I didn’t want to feel that way, so I dropped the only two honors that I was allowed. 

Throughout my schooling I’ve been in multiple advanced classes, and many regular classes, but I’m still a sophomore in high school. No college has reached out because of my exceptional Honor class grades or my GPA that had risen slightly because of an honors class. I haven’t even gotten an end of school award for three years straight. The honors classes have done nothing for me. The teachers in the honors classes had said that their classes were “held to a higher standard than what the regular classes were” but did I really want to be? In the end  we have all the same assignments. My Algebra class is only different from the advanced Algebra class by two more problems on their homework, so why have honors classes? Some say that it allows non confident people to believe in their abilities, but really it just puts down the people in the normal classes. It makes them think that they’re not worthy enough. It almost segregates the “smart’ from the “dumb” which is something that I do not stand for. 

There is no truly successful way to diminish these honors horrors. Some people will always hold their advanced classes over some, but don’t take it to heart. Your regular English is the same. You are not any smarter because of your higher classes and people need to realize this. You shouldn’t feel as a lesser learner because of this issue and you can still get into  an amazing college with no advanced classes. In the end your number of honors classes is not the deciding factor on how well of a student you are. You are are a grand student with or without it.

2 thoughts on “Are You Really That Smart?

  1. The many grammatical errors make it difficult to focus on your primary point. Fragmented sentences, colloquial speech, missing and superfluous commas, vague pronoun references, incorrect word usage, and improper hyphenation all plague your writing.

    Had you remained in Advanced English, you would have written a sounder excuse to boast to your peers rather than a vague abstract of your academic achievements. You write of egotistical students, yet are clueless to the irony of your narcissism.

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    1. Hello @thelegend27,
      I have read your comment, and I have to say, I’m actually quite pleased that you have showed me your views on my opinion article. I am very aware of the grammatical errors that arose as I was writing said article, but it does not take away from the fact that my statement is solid. Now seeing as how you worded this lovely comment, I am sure that you have completed some advanced English classes in which you must have learned about the art of turning assignments in on time, as well as the concept of, “If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all”. In this comments case, these both in fact do apply. You must remember when I am told to write an essay by a specific date, I shall do so. Now I know you may not be in my Mass Media class, so I will outline the basis that I am allowed to write on. First of all, I am made to turn in each article on a specific day, which is set as Friday. I am also made to post a minimum of one article per week. In this specific articles case there was no extension so I turned it in when I was told. Now I know I could have done a better job with the grammar but it is what it is. Also as a part of my criteria for writing, I can not publicly bash any person, group of people, staff member, or organization. With this article, it was apparent that I had to use myself as the subject because of the fact that if I used any other person as one I would be considered a bully. I put my own situation on the front line and quite enjoyed what I was writing. In the end it is my work which I was proud enough to publish so thank you dearly for the criticism and get some better sleep. I mean really staying up till 11:33 pm to bash a school news article? Props to you for the extreme dedication on your part.

      Sincerely, Flint Lockwood

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