Should We Pay College Athletes

The argument of whether college athletes should get paid is one I have heard quite a bit, and I don’t think it’s all that bad of an idea. If you think about it college football for example, is as big of a deal as the NFL. Many people I know prefer to watch college over pro ball, so why not pay them? They make enough from ticket sales that they could give the athletes a portion of it. Then at the same time you can give them a portion of money made from school merchandise sales.

College athletes work just as hard as pro players, so why not give them at least a little bit. The athletes draw good amounts of money to the school with ticket sales and all the other avenues student athletes create for their schools. Not paying them after all the revenue they bring to their school I don’t think it is fair that they don’t get a little in return. Like Duke ́s basketball organization alone makes $12 million dollars a season, now add that with all the other sport teams revenue and they have plenty of money to keep their school running, and pay their athletes.

Now I know college technically pays them to play for them via. scholarships. At the same time people don´t realize that those student athletes spend so much time in their sport they cant find time to work, and make money, to support their lives outside of their sport. Many athletes that do not make it to the next level which is pro ball, will not have any money when they get out of college. So that will help them when they get out of college, and do not make it to the next level.

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