DISCLAIMER: I cannot guarantee that any songs on this album are acceptable to play in front of your grandmother or in church. Unless your grandma and priest are really cool. In that case, rock on. 

A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships is the third album released by British band The 1975. The album was released on November 30, 2018 and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts for both Top Rock and Alternative albums. 

This album does an outstanding job of telling a story as you listen, with a theme that flows nicely, though sometimes not so subtly, through the entire record. The major concept of the album is a commentary on the nature of humans and our society. The track Love It If We Made It is pretty much the total embodiment for this theme, with verses that stress the shortcomings of our society, but a chorus that is meant to inspire a sense of hope for humanity. Other songs on this album such as Give Yourself A Try and Sincerity is Scary also offer a pretty up-front take on this concept. 

Even songs that are seemingly totally on the other end of the spectrum from the  “poppy, electronic, commentary” sound that a lot of the album features still carry the main theme of the album, just in a much less obvious way. Songs such as Be My Mistake and I Couldn’t Be More In Love have the sound and lyrical content of a love song, but upon closer inspection are instead mirroring classic love song themes, carrying messages of guilt, emotional apathy, and loneliness. On the other hand, there are a few songs on the album that are a bit “interesting” such as The Man Who Married A Robot / Love Theme, which is spoken entirely by the British male Siri voice. Though it sounds odd, if you give it a chance it’s actually a really interesting description of this age of social media and internet addiction. 

Overall,  A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, while definitely not for everyone, is one of the best albums I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. The subject matter is interesting and I think the way that it’s delivered is really great. One of the main reasons I love this album, and I hope others will love too, is the way the songs make you think. Whether a song makes you think  about your relationships, your phone addiction, or about how our society is a bit screwed up, if you really listen to any song on this record, you’ll probably end up doing a bit of pondering. Even if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t care about the lyrics of a song, you can still really love this album. The songs on this record are really diverse and have influences from many different styles, so whether you’re making a playlist to cry to, or just having a good old fashioned dance party, you can find the perfect song on this album.

Thanks for reading and I really hope you give this album a listen!

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