Four Day School Weeks… Are They Really That Great?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk of the Winfield School District switching to a four day school week. Switching to a four day school week could be a very controversial topic, but when it comes down to it, would you want to make the switch to a four day school week? Many of us most likely think to ourselves, “oh four days would be great,” or, “I would love to have a three day weekend,” but switching to a four day week would not be as simple as just eliminating a day off the week. There would be some consequences to cutting a day off of our normal weekly routine. By cutting a day off the school week, we would have to make up for the lost school somehow, but how? Well, first off, our school year would most likely become longer than it currently is. Having a longer school year, to some people, may not sound like a big deal, but if you actually had to wait until June to get off for the summer, then it may seem like a bigger deal when the time comes. The school year would not be the only thing being extended though… our school day would also get extended- but this creates an entirely new issue. 

All sports practices, club meetings, and even sports games would be postponed to a later start time which would also cause all of these events to have a later end time as well. When it comes to sports games and events though, chances are, other schools are not going to schedule their home games to a later time just for our benefit. This being said, students will most likely be missing even more class than already because they will have to be pulled out of class earlier on in the school day. For example, last school year I was a part of the track team and we were pulled out sometimes as early as 1:45 so I would miss roughly thirty-seven minutes of school. Now, imagine our regular school day became longer and instead of getting out of school at 2:22, we got out at 3:00. I would then miss one hour and fifteen minutes of class- about one and a half classes worth- versus the original thirty-seven minutes of one class period. One hour and fifteen minutes of missed class could mean more missing work and as a result, a drop in grades. 

Another downfall of going to a four day school week would be childcare. No, this would not have any impact on older children, but could cause problems for the younger children and their parents. For many families, school acts as a childcare service. It serves as somewhere for parents to send their children during the work day, and by cutting a day off the school week, that would mean parents would have to find somewhere to send their children while they are at work. Would the schools just provide a childcare service in place of school? Or would they just let these families figure it out on their own? 

In conclusion, there are many various outlooks on the whole situation, but would a four day school week really be worth it? Do the positive aspects of the situation outweigh the negative? When it really comes down to it, on which side do you fall, the four day school week, or the five day?

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