Is the Eco friendly lifestyle worth it?

Courtesy of Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation.

Is the Eco- friendly lifestyle worth it? 

The answer is yes. Being Eco- friendly is amazing. You’re giving back to the world by creating less waste and saving our one and only Earth. It’s not that hard either. All you have to do is take your wasteful ways one day at a time and just be more aware of how much waste you’re creating. For example, bring your own to go cup, straw, silverware, Tupperware and if you like straws bring a reusable straw! You can keep all these items in a bag you already have. It’s that simple. It’s difficult to get into the routine in remembering to bring your reusable items, but I promise in the end when you get the hang of it, it will be so worth it seeing our Earth thrive for so much longer then where we are heading now. Help change the world one Eco- friendly change at a time. Stay Eco. 

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