Senior Legacies: Josh Politte

Picture by: Joey Eller

This is Josh Politte. Josh is the son of Craig and Cheryl Politte, He has two sisters, a cat named Nalla and a dog named Hamilton. 

He plays soccer and baseball. 

He is hoping to leave behind the legacy of being a great athlete. 

Josh wants to go to SCC or somewhere he can get a scholarship. 

When asked the question where do you see yourself in ten years He said “Playing Baseball”(Major League). 

An interesting thing about Josh is that he kills Hogs.

These are some of his favorite things 

   -His favorite food is avocados 

   -His favorite song is Ransom by:Lil Tecca 

   -His favorite movie is interstellar 

   -He doesn’t currently have a favorite TV show but his old favorite TV show was Adventure time 

   -His favorite teacher is Mr.Schleich 

Picture by: Joey Eller

   -His favorite thing to do on friday nights is playing games 

   -His favorite activity is sports 

   -His favorite school subject is history 

   -His favorite superhero is the flash. 

When asked if he had any advice for students future/present here at Winfield high he said “Do your work”.

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