Underappreciated of the Week- Lunch Ladies

Ever thought of the hard working women who give you a warm meal five days a week? I ́m not talking about your mothers, I ́m talking about the Winfield lunch ladies. These women work hard each day to provide a meal to roughly four hundred hungry teenagers, and that’s no easy job. 

We have a lunch staff of roughly five women, with three lunch shifts of students and some teachers to feed. They spend their mornings preparing a main meal- usually there are three choices-  with at least two sides. They also restock the extra snacks and drinks you can purchase, giving students the option of a cold Gatorade, coffee, or tea, along with an extra bag of your favorite chips or sugary treat. 

Yes many students bring their own lunches, but there’s also students who buy more than one lunch, balancing out the difference. Students love to complain about the quality of the food, but those same students happily eat these fresh cooked meals and sometimes go back for seconds. Even if you are a picky eater, our staff tries to accommodate for everyone’s appetite. They serve simple meals like pizza, nachos, and salads daily. And for those who want a more diverse lunch, they serve meals such as buffalo chicken sandwiches, Chinese, and various pastas.

These women wake up each morning, drive to school, and make a whole lunch spread so that you will not go home hungry. They don’t have to come and listen to you complain about not getting the last slice of pizza or something not tasting the way you thought it would. They do the best they can to keep you full so that you can worry about your school work and not about how you’re going to fill your stomach today. 

I’m not saying these women have the hardest job in the world, but some students do make it difficult sometimes. I’m sure these women who have been cooking all morning would appreciate a little recognition and a thank you from time to time.

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