9/4/19 Is marching band a sport?

A lot of people say that marching band isn’t a sport. I completely understand the confusion how they think that there isn’t a lot of physical effort put into it. People think that it is a bunch of people in uniforms walking around on a field. For instance Jacob Mohr says, “People tend to write off marching band, because they don’t realize the difficulty involved in the movements, coreograpy, and the weight of the instruments. Not to mention the strain it puts on your lungs.”  Why is marching brain complicated u may ask?

  1. Marching band memorization and stamina, more than a lot of other sports. 
  2. A large amount of music is to be memorized,
  3. Have enough stamina to not be able to breathe for a good half a minute. 
  4. Remembering your step offs and that the first one is always on the left foot. 
  5. You have to always have amazing posture. 
  6. You have to be able to sacrifice all time and dedication, not half. 
  7. So if you ever think about joining marching band, you might wanna check your calendar.

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