Senior Legacies: Pyper Arnold

Picture by: Joey Eller

This is Pyper Arnold. Pyper is the daughter of Marianne and Seth Arnold, She has 3 sisters. 

Pyper plays Soccer,Volleyball and she is on the dance team.

Pyper wants her legacy to be being the kind one.

After graduation she is going to go to SCC for two years, and hopefully go to another college after that.

When asked where she saw herself in ten years she said “Married, Teaching, Being a homeowner, and traveling.

 An interesting thing about Pyper is she can pop her shoulder out of it socket whenever she wants, she says “It hurts, but I can do it.”

 Here are some of Pypers favorite things. 

   -Her favorite food is tacos 

   -Her favorite song is You say by: Lauren daigle 

   -Her favorite movie is Bridge to terabithia 

   -Her favorite TV show is Jane the virgin 

   -Her favorite teacher is Mrs.Maschmeyer  

Picture found on Winfield high school staff and faculty page

   -Her favorite thing to do on friday nights is to write in her journal 

   -Her favorite activity is hanging out with her friends and her S/O 

   -Her favorite superhero is Iron man. 

Pypers advice for any other students here at winfield high is “You don’t have to be perfect as long as you try.”

Peace out-Pyper Arnold

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