The Amazon is on fire and no one cares…

Courtesy of CNN.

The Amazon is on fire and no one sees how rapidly our planet is changing. We see it all over the news, but no one is doing anything about the crisis. They just see it on television and say, “Oh my gosh that’s so bad, I hope the fire goes out soon,” but they just sit there and continue their ways that are destroying our Earth piece by piece. Deforestation and whole ecosystems have been destroyed for years and people are just now noticing the Amazon. It’s honestly really sad that today with all of our technology we still continue our destroying ways. It took the Amazon burning down, deforestation and animals dying for people to realize we need to change now. If we do not change, our great grand children may not know what an Elephant is. Do you really want that for the world or for the future children? Because I don’t. Help change the world one eco friendly change at a time. 

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