Senior Legacies: Hayden Burkemper

Picture by: Joey Eller

This is Hayden Burkemper. Hayden is the son of Debbie and Chris Burkemper, He has two brothers and one sister, he also has four dogs named Harley, Cami, Chevy, and Louie. 

Hayden isn’t sure if he is going to college yet. 

When asked the question where do you see yourself in ten years Hayden said he sees himself having a family, a house and a staple job. 

An interesting thing about Hayden is everytime he bends down his knees pop. 

Here are some of Hayden’s favorite things. 

   -His favorite food is french fries 

   -He can’t choose a favorite song 

   -His favorite movie is Fifty first dates 

   -His favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy 

   -His two favorite teachers are Mrs.Maschmeyer and Mrs.petty (Not pictured)

Picture found on Winfield high school staff and faculty page

   -He likes to hang at home on friday nights 

   -His favorite activity is binge watching TV shows 

   -His favorite school subject is Lunch 

   -His favorite superhero is Spiderman. 

Hayden’s advice for the students present/future is “Don’t worry about what other people think.”

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