Senior Legacies: Trent Pitman

Picture by: Joey Eller

This is Trent Pitman. Trent is the son of Denny and Missy Pitman, He has 2 dogs named Jäger and Goose, he has 1 sister and brother.

The legacies he wants to leave behind are Best Hair and eyes. 

Trent doesn’t plan on going to college.

When asked the question Where do you see yourself in ten years he said he sees himself being a homeowner, married to a pretty woman, being rich and having two kids.

Something interesting about Trent is he can play the guitar left handed. 

Here are some of Trent’s favorite things. 

   -Trent’s favorite foods are Biscuits and gravy, Waffles. 

   -His favorite song is Sunshine By:Ant Beale 

   -His favorite movies are Step brothers and Jurassic park 

   -His favorite TV shows are Duck Dynasty and Dexter

   -His favorite teachers are Mrs.Chidster (Right) and Mr.Shelich (Left) 

Picture found on Winfield high school staff and faculty page
Picture by: Joey Eller

   -His favorite thing to do on friday nights is party 

   -His favorite activity is hunting 

   -His favorite subject is Math 

   -His favorite superhero is Spiderman.

 His advice to the other students here at winfield high is “Chicks dig on good hair.” and “Be nice to your teachers they can fail you.” 

Trents best friends are Bird (Jacob Brummett), and Brett Piotrowicz.

Picture by: Joey Eller
Picture by: Brian Burgoyne

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