Part One of Homecoming Horror- Spirit Week

Wow. The week leading up to homecoming. The wonderful sPiRiT week. Where EVERYONE shows off how much ScHoOl SpIrIt they have. Personally I think its a huge waste of time. Not only do we participate in meaningless activities such as dress up days ( that make no sense), decorating our class hallways, and obnoxious assemblies, but we also have to deal with all of the unpleasantness of our other students. 

As I was saying about meaningless dress up days, why would you pick days that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the theme of the dance? This year our theme for our homecoming dance is 90s. I respect that. I voted for that even. But when only TWO of the dress up days even remotely tie into that theme, I’m going to be a little annoyed. Yes, it’s a weird theme to pick days for but, come on, all of our parents lived through the 90s. Ask them for help next time perhaps?

Moving on to hallway decorations. HOW DO YOU EXPECT STUDENTS TO DECORATE A HALLWAY WHEN YOU CAN’T USE ANYTHING OTHER THAN CLEAR TAPE AND IT HAS TO BE ABOVE THE LOCKERS??? This rule makes absolutely no sense. Furthermore, how are you supposed to put those decorations up when you don’t even trust us to stand on an eight inch chair. Am I really in that much danger, am I really going to fall and hurt myself when I’m not even a foot above the ground? And even if you do go through all the work of putting up these decorations, you have the ingrates who run around the hallways tearing it down. But that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is when you go through all the work to make it nice and pristine( even though people are constantly ruining it), you get unfairly scored on it just because the seniors always have to have the most points in the end. 

Continuing with the points and getting back on track… the assemblies. Ah. What a wonderful way to get a pounding headache all because you’re forced to sit in a gym with three hundred other students who are screaming for no apparent reason other than to show how much sPiRiT they have. What a way to waste a whole day of school, just so we can watch people scurry around in little games (which is another way for seniors to secure all the points they need), to listen to nauseating screams, and to watch each classes wonderful, wonderful dances. We typically have the freshman team of five semi-dedicated girls, the sophomore team of five girls and two boys, the junior team of eight girls and five boys, and the senior team of hmm… at least half the grade? 

All in all, spirit week is meaningless. It’s really just a waste of time. Any other week of the school year ask a student how they feel about our school and all they’ll do is talk about our flaws. But heaven forbid you ask during spirit week because then our school is absolutely perfect. Almost everyone in our school is fake, and spirit week really brings it out. Teehee.

As a solution to these problems, let the students decide what we do. Let’s have a poll about the dress up days. Let us actually decorate the way we want without repercussions. Stop rigging the points system. I witnessed with my own eyes the class dances last year, and let me tell you, the juniors dance blew the seniors dance way out of the water. Give the respective points to the people deserving them, or get rid of it. There’s no need to prove superiority over other grades when you’re not really proving anything. 

10 thoughts on “Part One of Homecoming Horror- Spirit Week

  1. Most of this article is completely false and is mostly opinion coming from one person. The only thing I have actually witnessed is the rigging of the points. Why do you have a problem with the school if they are giving you PRIVILEGES that most schools don’t have in the first place. Way to have no school spirit for your own school that gives you FREE education. It is completely offensive towards the people who put hard work and time into this. You are dissing a school that tries their best to make school just a little bit better. Stop being selfish and self centered.


    1. So silly that I put an article based on my opinion in the OPINION category. What a coincidence, also homecoming is not a privilege given by our school alone. Furthermore, I am absolutely flabbergasted at the fact that you are entertaining the idea our school provides “free” education for me, when you do not know whether or not I live in the district. And if you do know where I live, please stop stalking.


      1. The fact that we have the privileges to decorate halls, have an assemble and a parade should be enough for you to be happy. If you don’t like what we do then don’t come to school for that ONE day of the year:). School is basically free other than the materials used for it, mommy and daddy pay the taxes not you. Also, if you don’t go to Winfield, why post an article on the schools website? Sounds kinda fishy. Stop being so negative and find some type of positivity. Your raining on some people’s parade. Not to mention, for some people school is the only entertainment they get, they might have a bad home-life or not many friends..take that into consideration.


  2. “Why do you have a problem with the school…” Are you really accusing her of having a problem with the school when you flip the school off every time you pass it? I recall in the classes I had with you, you said multiple times that you hate Winfield High and you always say you don’t want to be here. So stop being a hypocrite and maybe think before you say something like this.

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    1. I’m also not posting it on a school website lol, the whole article is negative. I actually enjoy school now. Don’t judge someone from their past, it’s a little rude. The two times that I have posted that in my life was for a joke, and yes it was immature and rude.


  3. Our spirit days don´t match our spirit week theme? Please take a moment to think that through. Every single day fits into the 90´s in some way; grunge, which was the majority of fashion during that decade. Cartoons, where there were an overwhelming amount of cartoons in the 90´s that ran well into the 2000´s. I know this, because I watched them. We had TV shows and movie day, and I would assume you could think of at least one, since everyone has been shoving FRIENDS down each others throats, not to mention the sheer amount of Disney movies that were a pillar of all of our childhood that came out of the 90´s. Lastly, music day is such a broad topic it would be hard not to find a way to dress up. For the final day of spirit week, we have class colors, and as a junior you should be thrilled to dress up since black is the easiest color. My SiNcErEsT aPoLoGiEs that you don´t enjoy the assembly, which is a way for you to have fun and make memories with your classmates.


  4. Ask our parents for help next time? Ms.Thouvenot went to school in the 90s and helped choose the days. Also every day has 90s in it, 90s grunge, 90s cartoons, 90s tv and movies, and 90s music. Next, nobody has torn down decorations this year, and when they did they were penalized. Also everyone of us seniors since sophmore year when we should have beat the seniors have wanted our year to be fair. We cant control how many people participate in every dance. Its not out fault seniors are more interested in participating because it is their last year here. Stop blaming everybody else for your opinions and lack of school spirit.

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  5. As high school students, we all have the right to do as we please. We only have a few short years to live life as kids before we head off to college. If dressing up in ridiculous outfits, yelling obnoxiously, and spending hours on decorations that are going to get torn down is how we do it, then let us be. A 90’s themed spirit week is something we all can relate to, rather you were born or not. We were born within four years afterwards, we all grew up watching cartoons and movies. Our parents lived through the 90’s but so did the homecoming advisor, she is a fanatic and knows what she is talking about. She wants it to be as perfect as we do. I understand that you may not want to participate in this week, even though you have in the past, but there is no need to bring your negativity to try and make the school’s “perfect” week a drag.

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    1. This is an opinion article and if you do not want to be exposed to the “negativity” then I politely suggest you don´t read my articles. Apparently they are just too negative, yet I also have a whole column dedicated to the underappreciated members of our school. Also I´m not trying to stop anyone from dressing up. I´m not discouraging people from enjoying their short twelve year school experience, before continuing into at least another four years in school (college). This is clearly an opinion piece. I cannot express this enough.

      Also, if any one of the students in our school were somehow born in the nineties and still enrolled, they would have to be at least twenty, and I really hope there are no twenty year olds still roaming the halls of Winfield High. So, technically none of us actually grew up in the nineties or experienced the nineties.


  6. Going to keep this short because I’m not about to get attacked but I agree with many things but also disagree things too. But what is good about this article is your talent for writing, i love your article.

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