Senior Legacies: Michael Kinne

Picture by: Joey Eller

This is Michael Kinne. Michael is the son of Caleb and Joanna Kinne, He has 2 brothers Alex and David, and two dogs Teddy and Sadie. 

He plays Baseball. 

Michael doesn’t have a legacy he wants to leave behind.

 He does want to go to college, anywhere he can get a scholarship. 

When asked the question where do you see yourself in ten years he said working as a physical therapist. 

Something interesting about him is his mom is on the school board and he has played baseball his entire life. 

Here are a few of Michaels favorite things 

   -His favorite food is pizza 

   -His favorite song is Hall of fame by:The Script 

   -His favorite movies are the spiderman series’ 

   -His favorite TV show is Criminal Minds 

   -His favorite teacher is Ms.Thouvenot 

Picture by: Joey Eller

   -His favorite activity and favorite thing to do on friday nights is playing baseball 

   -His favorite subject is history 

   -His favorite superhero is Spiderman. 

Michaels advice for students here at winfield high is “Stay on top of your work it makes school less stressful.”

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