What is the world we live in?

What is the world we live in?

The world we live in today, if you have not noticed, is scary. You never know what is going to happen. For instance, at the most recent football game in Montgomery, there were some threats made, and in O ́fallon they had to evacuate Walmart because there were bomb threats. Could this be because of technology? We may never know, but if you think about it, when there were no phones there wasn’t cyber bullying. If someone had a problem with someone they said it to their face and worked it out instead of hiding behind a cell phone. This right here, is the society we live in, and sadly this also could continue for a long time. However everyone sees it on the news, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat and Facebook, but everyone says a quick prayer and moves on with their lives. Except for the people who lost theirs.  

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