Homecoming Horror Part Two- The Dance

The first and maybe only dance of the year for most students. And what a waste it is. Why spend the money on a dress or shoes that you’re only going to wear one time, then throw in your closet, never to be seen again? You buy an overpriced ticket to go to an overrated dance, then you go to an overrated party after. Where’s the fun in that?

Buying a dress can be a really enjoyable experience for most teen girls, and a good way to bond with others. But why spend the two-hundred dollars on a dress that you’ll wear only one time, when you could spend it on other things. Perhaps a night out with friends, or you know, food. Sweet, sweet, glorious food. However, you could get a dress that you can wear again, but most people turn their noses up at that idea. And the tickets. Fifteen dollars per person? Twenty per couple? If you don’t have a date you’re just getting taken advantage of. There’s no need to make the tickets this expensive. All in all, why put all this money into one night that you probably won’t even remember in five years?

And even if you do spend all of this money to go to the dance, it’s really not worth it. I understand that our school is small and we don’t have the biggest budget for things like this, but we should have decorations that are more than just one christmas light half strung on the wall. Our school should take advantage of this situation and use some of the classes it offers to help with decorations, such as shop and art class. These students could make simple yet beautiful decorations for homecoming, and get an easy A at the same time. Yet, people would rather spend money that apparently isn’t there on the same boring and overused decorations each year. And if you can get past the unsightly decorations, can you get past the smell? I mean, you are going to be crammed into a slightly small space full of teenagers, who will be sweaty, and who will smell like they haven’t showered in three days. Also, who picks the music? I know I didn’t have a choice in what im spending twenty dollars to listen to for three hours. So who´s making the decision of what music is going to make all of the students actually have a fun time? My only answer is a quote from a very wise owl,  “ The world may never know. “ 

Then there’s the after parties. A bunch of reckless teenagers driving around all night, some even drunk? Yep, that’s exactly what everyone wants.  A mother really wants that phone call about their child crashing their car, or getting hit by someone else’s child, just because alcohol was involved. Serious question, are your lives really so bad that you need to be getting blackout drunk at sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen years old? Are you seriously that miserable? Do you really have that little respect for yourself, and your family that you’re representing everytime you go out in public? You shouldn’t have to rely on alcohol to have a good time, especially when you’re with your so called  “friends “.

The whole idea of homecoming is overrated. You shouldn’t have to spend all of this money on one night of the year that a lot of students won’t even remember until their hangovers gone the next day. It’s really not worth the hassle, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can make their own decisions. So go live it up in the cafeteria lit up by a singular strand of Christmas lights and breath in that good sweaty air as you listen to songs you hate more than your life without alcohol.

6 thoughts on “Homecoming Horror Part Two- The Dance

  1. I get this is your opinion, but this is extremely offensive not only to the students, but to the teachers who put in so much hard work into it. You sound like a very miserable little girl who can’t look on the bright side of things. Multiple points in this article are just straight up incorrect. The spirit week has all coordinated to the 90s beside Friday, first of all. Second of all, let people spend how ever much money they want on a dress and shoes as long as they feel awesome in it. Your opinion isn’t needed at all. Let people do what they want and try to make school more enjoyable without your negative judgment. If you are seriously suffering that much from your classmates having fun you should really reconsider your life. You are not forced to do any of this. Get off your high horse you are not any better than any of us!!! wHo HuRt YoU? Teehee.

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  2. Imagine getting offended by someone else’s opinion hahaha. Sure, you can disagree, but don’t attack someone when they have differing opinions. It’s an o p i n i o n article. The entire point is to express an opinion, regardless of peoples feelings. You can’t make a convincing counter-point when you cant write coherent sentences. Grammar is important, and so is spelling, so is maturity.

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  3. I can make this simple for everyone. If you don’ like homecoming week, then don’t participate, and don’t WaStE your money on the tickets. If you like homecoming week, then go and find yourself a date (if you want), go dress shopping and or shoe shopping, go buy the “sooooo” expensive ticket, and have a good time! Being a senior, i regret not doing school related activities very often. For some of us its the last 4 years of seeing our friends everyday and im not gonna lie, it kinda sucks thinking about it. So, whether you like homecoming week or not, live this short 4 years of our lives to the fullest! Lets not cause controversy over something so small.
    Everyone be safe this weekend and have fun. Adios.

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