Fun Fact: Cell Phones Are Not As Great As They Seem

Just as most of us probably know, cell phones have a rather large impact on today’s society. But just one question- is this impact positive or negative? Not only are cell phones the gateway to greater things, but they are also the gateway to disaster and can cause conflict by just the click of a screen.

First off, cell phones are meant to bring us closer to those far from us, but in the process, it seems they only bring us further from those sitting next to us. It seems to be the trend today that when you walk into a room full of people, at least half of them will be on their phones. People need to understand that whatever is on their phone will be there later… the person next to them may not be. This being said, cell phones can keep us distracted from the real person sitting next to us which can highly affect the way people view you as a person because it may make the person feel as if whatever is happening on the phone is more important than that person. What makes this even worse, is the fact that most people in today’s society have probably been a victim to this, or have caused it themselves. 

Another downfall to this compact piece of technology is they can even create problems in the area of communication. Although the intended purpose of the cell phone is to communicate with others, sometimes what we send through our phones can be misinterpreted by others. A simple “ok” text can be taken by the other person as “this person is being short with me, and they are probably mad at me” even though that was never the intended purpose. There is no tone with texting, and emojis don’t do justice because you don’t know if that person is actually “laughing” or “blushing” or if they are just sending the emoji as an over exaggeration. The truth is, the most effective way of communication involving a cell phone is one which you use your mouth to speak. A simple facetime or phone call would be the most effective way to spread your message. Although you still can’t see how the person is expressing themselves, at least you can hear in their voice what manner they are expressing themselves in. 

Social media on our cell phones can also greatly affect our lives… this can go to a different level though. Social media, if used correctly can be a great way to spread word or just simply show people what’s going on in your life, but it’s also very easy to cross the line when it comes to social media. A simple post that may present you as “irresponsible” or a “bad decision maker” could make it hard to get into a college or could even get you into trouble with your school. It seems to me that today many people just don’t think about the consequences of what they are posting. They post something to see how many “likes” or how many “comments” they can get out of the picture and don’t even stop to think that their friends are most likely not the only ones who are going to see the post.

In conclusion, there are many advantages to the cell phone such as easier means of communication, but even with cell phones making many things easier, do you think the cell phone is worth it? Or, does the cell phone just create more problems in today’s society?

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