Sophomore Year



We’re all so depressed

Feeling so oppressed

My mind is not its best 

Just trying to keep from being pressed

 But I just want to rest

My feelings pressed to the wall

Trying not to fall 

But I just can’t have it all 

Fighting to be strong

But all my thoughts are wrong

I just don’t belong

I can’t hold on

All of my hope is gone

My life is shattered

Heart is tattered

 I’ve been beaten and battered

I even tried to love

 But it hasn’t seemed to have mattered  

I never forget the past

Or move on from the last

They’ve left me in the dust

Feeling like I’m covered in rust

All I want is trust 

 But I’m surrounded in depressions lust

Mind in places unknown

Figuring life out on my own

Acting like I’m somehow grown

But praying that the pain hasn’t shown

I’ve tried to fix this mentality 

But the only solution is a fatality

Wanting to hide from reality

Because I can only see this life’s brutality 

I’m my abuser

Consider me a user 

Living for that old rush

I don’t know how I’ve come to be so hush 

I want to give up

This world is corrupt 

I tried to behave

But I’ve just been digging my own grave 

 I just like to think I’m not the one I need to save 

My life is such a mess

I just want to be better than the rest 

I need to think less

I try to feel my best

But in this life I have

All I feel is stress

DISCLAIMER: Please do not see this poem as something that it isn’t. I was asked to write about thoughts and feelings that I would consider to be of a depressed person for a health class and I made it my own. I’m just trying to use past projects for new grades in this situation.

-Flint Lockwood

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