Pit Bull

Now we all know that a dog is a man’s best friend. We all know some are cuter, bigger, smaller, and fluffier then some, but none are more misunderstood than the Pit Bull. Yes I know that they have the highest incident rate from 1979 to 1996 at 60. Now these dogs can be an outstanding animal to have around you, and your family. The problem is not the dog it is the person that owns the animal. When you get a puppy you need to do something that is so important, TRAIN THEM!! Without training any dog doesn’t matter the breed can attack a person. Yes Pit Bulls can and will do more damage than most breeds, but with good training will be amazing pets.

 We are so quick to judge the dog, but not the person that owns it. We don’t take into account how the person may treat the animal, that person may beat the animal, or they may use the pit as a fighting dog and raised them to be aggressive. Those people are the problem with the attacks that happen, its their negligence towards the dog that makes them so feared. It is not the dog!

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