Underappreciated of the Week- Wrestling

Last season our Winfield wrestling team had three state qualifiers, two of which were freshmen. We had multiple home meets with every wrestler giving it their all and winning almost every match. Yet, our bleachers were only a quarter of the way filled, and that was mostly family members.

For those out there that do not know how wrestling works, there are three periods that last two minutes each. During this time frame, two competitors use all the strength they have to get their opponent on their back, or score fifteen points more than their opposer. There is usually a varsity and junior varsity team present, but with a school as small as Winfield, and with the lack of publicity for the sport, we are barely able to have a varsity team. 

Even with these setbacks our wrestlers go out on the mats and wrestle their hardest. Most sports are won by a team coming together and using their combined strength. Whereas in wrestling, a match is won by a single individuals physical and mental strength. 

Saying this, I hope I’ve convinced you to come support our boys, like our other larger teams such as football and softball. So if you have a free weeknight and there’s a home meet, stop by and watch our wrestling team give it their all, in the hopes of making it to state again.

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