9/25/19| Sign Language… is it essential?

If you have ever been inside of a high school facility, you would know that you must take a dreaded foreign language class, along with fine arts. Now in our school we have only one option for this curriculum, which is Spanish, but for years I’ve wanted to be able to understand sign language. In my journey of being sign savvy, I have figured out that it is quite difficult for me to teach myself a whole new language. I strongly believe Winfield High School should have an existing sign language course. I’ve attempted to talk to numerous people, including the counselor, about this situation. Yet we still have no progress in making this realty true. Now it may not be more important than Spanish- though a significant number of people will not remember Spanish after they graduate anyway- but sign language can be useful in many ways.

  •  It needs to be essential for you to teach your child to communicate at a very young age, which can help them to effectively express their needs better. 
  • It’s important knowledge to have when having a simple conversion with someone who is deaf. 

It’s not an immense task to learn (if you´re doing it right). Frankly, if chimps can do it, so can we… 

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